Tuesday, August 08, 2006

I haven't forgotten the blog. It's that all my projects (almost) are on hold. Remember that I hit my finger with a hammer (twice) (in a row) (hitting the same nail)? Well, I am in physical therapy for that. Well, Dianne had to drive me the therapy after I spent all night working. I said that my hand had made a popping feel to which the therapist ask what I had been doing. We told her that we were shed building, and Dianne mentioned that I was about to start putting cupboards in the garage. Boy did we get a lecture; we were warned that if I didn't watch it that I might need surgery! So, no construction for 6 weeks. No replacing garbage disposers. No cupboards. If it hurt stop. ...

Here's my hand as I have it most of the time now.

So, what can I do. Well, we went shopping. On the first Saturday of the month in the summer there is a "Paris Market" at Aspen Grove. The picture below is a poor shot of it. It is not a flea market though there are some high-end flea market type items. Nor is it an antique market though many of the booths are antique stores that have set up booths. There are booths with new items. Dianne bought a new Madagascar made straw hat. Last year I bought a 1940's phone. There was a vintage clothes (women's only) booth. One person had a box of pocket knives of various ages and values. There was one farm booth.

Then we went looking for windows and doors. We now know of four places that sell salvaged and excess architectural stuff; Habitat for Humanity store, Buds, Excess, and one that had lumber in the name. We didn't find matching windows for next door, but we did find a place with a large supply of sliding and hung doors. We need a door for next door, but didn't have a way to tie it to our trailer. The trailer needs the side rails built (but that gets back to my hand).

I will have two more therapy sessions before our vacation.

I will try and do better at updating this.


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