Tuesday, April 15, 2008

Springtime in the Rockies
Having fruit trees in this area and wanting the fruit is a risk. As of this morning our plum tree is in bloom. Snow is predicted for tomorrow.
Luckily we have flowers that don't mind the snow.
And the orchids inside are happy regardless of the weather.
Construction Update

Before this project got started we replaced the back door. In an earlier post you saw a picture of the new front door.

The old back door was a cheap one we had purchased shortly after moving in. We constantly had problems with it including not get paint to stick to the "must paint" trim.
This is the new door. It is a better door, is clad so it doesn't need exterior paint, and it is better insulated.
Construction Update
First, I didn't report a dinosaur find. Can you imagine how that would delay the project? But more on that later.

This last weekend we rented a jackhammer and demolished the old back patio. I used the tool until I literally couldn't pick it up any more. Dianne had to help me get it out of the hole.

This is our back door now. We made a very temporary step for the dogs to get in and out of the house.
When the concrete was removed I found siding going behind the patio slab touching the dirt under the slab. This will need attention during the project.
We are trying to reuse as much of the concrete as possible. Some of the pieces we set aside to be used as stepping stones or pavers. I used the smallest rubble to create a drainage area/weed barrier behind the back fence. Years ago I installed drains. Roof runoff and sump pump drainage is used around plants and trees with the excess draining to the back of the property. The concrete is at the very end of the drain behind the fence. This is also where I found the dinosaur remains.

This is the pile of rubble that we can not use. Do you think the garbage collectors would notice a piece or two in the garbage each week?
Here's my dinosaur find.



Blogger Granny Smith said...

Love your dinosaur! Beautiful photos evoking 1. spring and 2. hard work.


4/15/08, 1:57 PM  
Blogger Granny Smith said...

I must add that I especially like the picture of the door with you, the photographer, reflected in it.

4/28/08, 10:17 AM  

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