Sunday, May 31, 2009

What we have been doing

This first picture is just for fun, though behind the cold duck is a salvaged railing that goes around our deck. The railing came from a restaurant, and is sturdier than what is sold for residential use. I could not find mounting brackets that fit the tubing, so when I cut the lengths I Heated and bent a tab to be the brackets.

Dianne got a wood rocking plane. When we got it two of the wing stays were broken. It was also missing the propeller and the steering wheel. I made the repairs and Dianne painted it. The cowl in front of the propeller is an old drawer pull that I shaped. The horn button is the same type of drawer pull, but with less shaping.

Dianne also has bee sewing. She made Ellie and Ainsley each a reversible sun dress.

We have a few pieces of granite pieces from our kitchen remodel several years ago. I have been wanting to make an outdoor table out of one of them. Dianne and I went looking for something to use as table legs. We saw this lamp.

The glass tabletop had chips in it.

When we got the lamp home and disassembled, it was clear that one piece was flimsy, and that the tabletop would be too heavy. To solve both problems I took old tire balancing weights and encased them into the weak part.

Here is the final lamp. The shade is a plastic flower pot with a hole drilled in the center of the bottom (now top).

A long time ago we found this radio and record player at a Salvation Army store. It had an ugly applied plywood on it. When the plywood was removed I learned that it originally had been a larger console, and someone sawed a TV off of it.

Here is the side that was cut.

I decided to veneer new wood onto it, something I have never done before. The wood working shop suggested a new way of veneering that he had been reading about, and I tried it. Next time I will use a traditional veneering technique.


Blogger daria said...

Hi Dad + Dianne!
Just thought I'd drop by to see what's new. You must be busy with some new projects since you haven't posted for a while.
We're so sad that we can't join you all in Cali!

7/29/09, 11:04 AM  

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