Monday, August 11, 2008

Our remodel is at the stage that the rooms are all usable, and look good. We still have a many unfinished items. In this post I will be showing some of the items that Dianne and I did.

The vanity in the master bath is finally in and done. The vanity was a dining room sideboard that we bought used with a damaged top. We bought granite for the top from Habitat for Humanity, but the granite cutter had a scrap that was thicker so he used it instead. We re-donated our piece of granite to Habitat.

I like the blue bath towels with the yellow hand towel and wash cloth. These were purchased as three piece sets of all yellow and all blue, so we also put out the reverse color combination; yellow bath towel with blue hand towel and wash cloth.

Dianne's towels are in the picture. There is another towel rack to the right of this picture for my towels.
The sideboard was not as deep as a vanity. I used some of the wood from the original top to extend the depth to the wall. I matched the existing curves on the bottom of the sideboard. As with most walls this one is not perfectly straight. I didn't want a piece of trim hiding the gaps, so I scribed this piece to fit against the wall perfectly.

I also leveled the vanity by placing spacers under some of the legs. Both of these legs have spacers.
There was a space in the closet that was wasted. To salvage it I made this shelf to sit on the floor. The material is shelving scraps from the remodel.

It is hard to see the shelf in this picture. I have my boots under the shelf, and my paint clothes on top of it. On the right are shoe shelves.

Another item we purchased used was the this fan that is now in the master bedroom. It is a Hunter Douglas fan intended for a much larger space. I'm sure any honest sales person would tell us that it is too big for the space, but we love the ability to blast air.

The second bathroom is coming together also. Dianne made the curtain to cover the front of the washer/dryer. When doing laundry the curtain swings towards the window.
I made some shelves to go over the top of the stacked washer/dryer. There is a pull out a section of closet rod (left over from the remodel). We store empty hangers on it, and when Dianne is washing she can pull it out to hang clothes. The rod is hung from a full-extension drawer track. There is also a basket on the upper shelf that can be pulled out.

I made the supports for the shelves to that they each have an adjustment of three heights. To keep the selves from sliding forwards the selves have notches in them (on the edge of the shelf in the picture below). I still need to add a lock on the height adjustment to insure that the upper shelf does not rock forward.

Dianne got these laundry hampers that fit in the jog of the hall wall.

We use the deck a lot. Dianne put up hooks for the hammock. When not in use the hammock hangs from the hook on the house end (under the roof). The gray cover behind the hammock is for the hot tub.

We are not done yet. Dianne will make a valance for this widow. The new doors need to be stained. There is still trim that need nail holes filled and painted.

From my posts it looks like I have done most of the work. Dianne has done at least her share. She was the one on site during the construction. She did her share of the painting. She went shopping for all the great things I utilized. She kept track of the budget. She did and is doing the decoration. She lived the project.


Blogger daria said...

WOW!! Everything looks Amazing!!

Can't wait to see you THIS WEEKEND!!!


8/11/08, 4:18 PM  
Blogger Granny Smith said...

I am impressed! Want a remodeling job in California? I know a big house on Euclid Avenue that could use your services.

Love, Mom

8/20/08, 5:16 PM  

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