Sunday, November 30, 2008

This will be one of my misc. postings.

Ian, Mandy, and Ainsley came to visit for the week of Thanksgiving. I have very few pictures, and most of what I do have are on film and will by published later.

On Thanksgiving we went over to Gwen and Kent's house. I wanted pictures of Ainsley and the Blue Heron to post on the regional forum. I like the third one here enough it is now one of the pictures in my cube at work.

Kent's family were visiting from Texas. Left to right are Kent's step-mom Pam, sister Caitlin, and Dianne.
Kent's dad Irl holding Ellie.
On Friday night, after Ian, Mandy, and Ainsley had headed home it started to snow. The 9:00 news said, as we were having accumulating snow, that we could expect a dusting at most. So, this is what we woke to, and what I shoveled.
So, at 9:00 PM Saturday I listened to the news again. The worst was over, and today we would have scattered snow showers ending at noon. It snowed into the afternoon, and this is a picture taken at about 4:00 PM. We got at least twice as much today as yesterday.
No more pictures for now. Just a story.

Dianne and I went shopping yesterday afternoon. First we went to Linens & Things closing sale to see if they had any meat thermometers. They were sold out of them. But we got a new Espresso machine, a new Crock Pot, a table cloth, and some chocolate. We then went to Costco for gas, and went into the store to see if they had a doll that would work for a present. No doll. We left with things that are cheaper there; pears, papaya, milk, etc. I told Dianne that if we saved any more money we would be broke!


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