Thursday, August 28, 2008

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The news has not publicized the illegal actions of the Denver and Aurora Police during the Democratic National Convention. They have used the time proven techniques of assaulting peaceful protesters, illegally covering their badges so that they can not be identified, arresting people not violating the law including those recording their actions, assaulting the demonstrators without giving an order to disperse, etc.

I have liked Mayor Hickenlooper prior to this. My respect for him is now on trial. He is a politician, and hopefully will respond to public pressure. Please email him at

Below are a few links to reports.

I sent the following in an email to the mayor.

Mayor Hickenlooper

I am an admirer of what you have done for the City and County of Denver, and as a Colorado voter am hoping that you consider running for other offices. That said, I am very concerned about how the police have acted during the DNC. There are too many reports of officers with their badges not visible (illegal), violence to non-violent protesters, cruel conditions in the detention center, compact flash cards containing pictures of police action not being returned after detention, etc.

I understand, and support the arrest of those violating the law.

My future support of you depends upon how these actions are investigated. Trust can be restored by a complete and open investigation. If those that violated the law, both protesters and police are prosecuted I would probably vote for you in the future. If all photo documentation of police action is returned to their rightful owner immediately I would probably vote for you in the future. If you are part of a cover-up, not only would I not vote for you, but I would support your prosecution as an accomplice.

Stanford Smith

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