Tuesday, December 15, 2009

Months of Pictures and Stories

I have a lot of catching up to do, so there are a lot of pictures. First, on a previous post I posted a picture of Star watching TV. It didn't really show her interest like we see it. Here is a better picture of her watching a show about dog training.

Late in the summer we took a drive south west of Denver on dirt roads. This is the front range; the edge of the mountains and the beginning of the plains.

At another stop we were looking west.

We decided to take a smaller road down to pavement. Most of the traffic we saw were the 4-wheelers you can see in the rear view mirror. Their was an almost constant sound of their engines during this part of the trip.

We pulled off the road for lunch, and walked over a crest to find privacy and some quiet. We still could hear the traffic, but it was muted.

Plants by our lunch spot. These plants, with red flowers paved large patches of the ground.

Before Halloween Gwen, Kent, Ellie, friends of the Zubers, and the two of us went to a pumpkin farm. Here are some pictures frm the farm.

Look at the transmission shift patterns on the tractors in the next two pictures. You may need to expand the pictures to see it more clearly.

Dianne had decorated the table for fall. I made dinner on Halloween.

Chicken soup in a bread bowl with a chicken bone sticking out the top. The bread sticks are placed to resemble a skull and crossbones.

This November was dryer and warmer than normal. The official snowfall for the month was 8.8 inches, with 7.3 of that happening on the 14th and 15th of the month. Littleton got a lot more than that. We then went into a deep freeze with a high of 16 degrees on the 16th of the month.

Snowy sunset from our deck.

Thanksgiving weekend we went up to Grand Lake.

Before checking into the Bed and Breakfast we drove into Rocky Mountain National Park up to the winter road closure.

The pine beetle infestation is transforming the park. In this picture you can see how much brown there is on the slope, the dead empty skeleton of trees at the edge of the woods, and the new trees that will replace the dead and dying. In my life I will not see the natural reforestation become a mature forest again.
We stopped and took a walk in the park.

This is a picture of the lake from a lookout across the road from the Bed and Breakfast.

Our room had this fishing equipment on the wall.

In the morning I captured this picture from the bed.

Then I went over to the window.

I took my guitar. We also took a puzzle in case we got stuck. The next day was cloudy, and we decided to stay "home" and do the puzzle.

These picture are on our drive home.

We stopped to take pictures of each other, and found these beaver chewed stumps.

Lastly, after a different snowfall from the one above I decided to take a white Mercedes in the white snow picture. I drove on salt-free roads to a park near the house.


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Beautiful set of photos! I enlarged each of them and enjoyed them immensely.

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