Sunday, October 03, 2010

Promised "what are we doing"

On the July 4th weekend Dianne and I cased out camp sites. We stopped for lunch at a camp site by the river

Two weekends later we went camping at Meridian Campground 10 miles outside of Bailey Colorado.

Dianne is setting up camp. (I went AWOL to take this picture.)

We took our folding bikes with us and took several bike rides during our stay.

The flower pictures in my previous post were taken during this camp trip. I also caught the gold of sunrise just before the sun hit camp.

Labor day weekend we went up to Estes Park. We took a rest by the creek that goes through town.
There was an Alpaca show that weekend.

Under one of the roads entering town is this underpass. Click on the picture to expand it. Hopefully you can zoom in to see some of the details of the kid decorated tiles.

I'm sitting in Port Townsend, so my next post will have pictures from this trip.


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