Sunday, November 26, 2006

I hope you had a good thanksgiving. We did. Dianne, the dogs, and I took a drive for most of the day, returning home for dinner.

In the morning we drove turning on highway 126 that goes through Deckers. The first stop was at the Pine Valley Ranch. This is the park that we went to with Daria and Summer (before Baxter was born).

We have not been in this area since the big fire of 2002. Though Pine Valley Ranch did not burn, most of the area we drove through was burnt. We turned off towards Cheesman Lake in the heart of the burn area. I found the area still beautiful.
We continued to drive through Deckers and on towards Woodland Park. The next picture is after we left the burn area.

From Woodland Park we drove towards Colorado Springs, turning off on a dirt road. Our plan was to have a picnic, then continue on the dirt road towards home.

Dianne had prepared the lunch. We found a beautiful spot and stopped.
Dianne brought shrimp, grapes, crackers, and chips. We sat on a blacket looking out at this view. We saved the last two shrimp for the dogs, but found out that they do not like them.

When we got home Dianne finished the dinner she had planned. The table was elegant with silver and china. We had cornish game hens, salad, rolls, and olives. For desert we had pumpkin pudding. The picture below was taken with available light. I hope you can see how Dianne prepared the meal.
It was very sweet of Dianne to do Thanksgiving with very little help from me. I will be doing Christmas planning and dinner.


Blogger JonsterMom said...

What a beautiful drive! Man I miss Colorado! Although, we are right where we need to be for now. Sounds like you had a fabulous day, and have lots to be thankful for!

Love you!

11/30/06, 7:37 PM  

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