Sunday, December 03, 2006

This week there are no pictures.

I gave myself a present and want to share what it is. Dianne and I adopted a family. This week we learned who it is, and what they need. We are providing Christmas items and more for a single pregnant mom with a 14 year old son.

I can't explain how I feel. As soon as I learned about the family I had to share it with Dianne and my coworkers. I walked around the rest of that day and the next with a smile. I didn't want Dianne to shop without me.

All the mom has asked for is baby items and pots.

The son is into sports, and has a 38 inch pant inseam. A big boy. All he asked for was a member ship into the Parks and Rec., or a gift certificate for video games.

Talking to the case worker we found out that they had a fire about a year ago, and everything fabric was smoke damaged. They are still sort one bed, and want a couch. We can't take care of all their needs, but we are given the opportunity to help. We are giving them Christmas decorations including a small pre-lit tree, clothes that we can afford, a new pots and pans set, etc. We still have to find out how we can get the membership, and one of Dianne's friends is selling some used baby items.

Dianne in typical Dianne style has small gifts she buys when they are marked down, and puts into a drawer it case she needs them. Several of the decoration items came from this. Also we have the last of her mom's thing that she is cataloging for donations. We will call the case worker again and ask her which items our family could use.

When I signed up I gave the organization our budget. We have already decided to go about 50% higher, but I still I wish we could do more. Having nothing is hard. Having nothing a Christmas is harder. I hope that our little handout turns out to be a hand.

Love you all


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