Monday, June 18, 2007

This is my latest misc ramblings.

I had a good Father's Day. Dianne and I worked around the house most of the time. On Saturday afternoon we took a brief look at a local car show. On Sunday Dianne made a shrimp pasta salad for dinner.

Saturday night I looked out our bathroom window through the screen and saw this sunset. This is no masterpiece, but it shows our view as we see it.

This year we had a plentiful crop of strawberries. A couple of weeks ago Dianne and I picked about 2 1/2 pounds mid week, and I picked another 3 pounds that weekend. The birds were eating berries that were outside of the main planting bed. I had planned on getting more berries, but after that the birds attacked the main bed, ripping though the plants literally and nearly wiping out the berries. This weekend I made a frame to cover the strawberry bed with netting. This is made out of PVC pipe.

Notice how invisible the netting is, though it will probably show more when it is actually on.

The Chrysler is finally back together with the new fuel filter. On Sunday Dianne and I filled the tank and took the car to get a coffee and stop by the grocery store. As we were leaving the store the car vapor locked. Someone in the parking lot said that when his bug vapor locked he would put ice on the fuel pump to cool it. I did and it worked.

My research has come up with ways to fix this problem.

Lastly, I ran across this picture from the movie Grease. The second car from the left is a 1955 Chrysler Windsor Blue Heron with the blue and white colors reversed from mine. It is rare to find pictures of 1955 Chrysler Windsors, and very rare to find pictures of Blue Herons.


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We hope you had a lovely anniversary! It's #16, right?
your Vermont family

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