Tuesday, February 20, 2007

If I were to title this blog entry it would be "misc". It starts with an update of what we are doing. The "misc" is after that.

It looks like we won't break the record for days of snow on the ground. The record is 63 days. This is the 62nd day, the official measure was 2 inches yesterday, and the weather is warm. That said, in the shade the snow is still deep. When I stepped on a spot in our yard that was not ice my foot went in over the top of my boots.

Snow on the ground combined with having two large dogs creates other issues. It is memorable, but no pictures. Also, we still don't know what damage has been done to the landscaping, and in some cases probably won't until later in the melt-off.

This weekend Dianne and I went for a drive. While Dianne was driving up a canyon I aimed the camera out the windshield and took this picture.

We went up to Estes Park, then up a road that we drove in July. We turned around at a lake we hiked around in the summer. This is the July picture.

This is the same lake on Saturday.
Lunch was at the Other Side Restaurant in Estes Park. I had the best view in the house.
This is the start of "misc".

Dish network is not sponsoring a race car. (In a department wide meeting someone asked the Chief Financial Officer what the Return on Investment was. He danced around the issue.) One day they brought a show version of the car to the office. This is an actual race car that shows signs of being raced previously, but is not actively raced. I had never look at a stock car up close. The head lights, bumper, chrome, etc. are phony. They are printed decals stuck on.
I have seen several signs recently that I think are funny. Here are three of them.

If I leave something by the fax machine, how many times will it be shredded? For clarification, for how many days will they keep shredding it?
This is an actual Budget truck.
A Health Savings Account is an HSA. So, do I or do I not contact Human Resources.


Blogger daria said...

Hah! There was some funny stuff on the blog today!
I never thought about the lights on race cars being decals. But I guess they don't really need them, do they?
The shredder notice was amusing too. :-)
xo daria

2/20/07, 4:18 PM  
Blogger JonsterMom said...

Jon likes looking at the blog, he gets to see pictures of neat cars, and Grandma- he asked: "Where is Papa?" (since we said it is Grandma and Papa's Blog).

We explained it was Papa taking the picture just like mommy does; now he says: "Papa takes pictures just like mommy."

Jon would like to see a picture of Papa on Papa's blog.

3/10/07, 9:10 AM  
Blogger JonsterMom said...

This comment has been removed by the author.

3/10/07, 9:10 AM  

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