Wednesday, December 13, 2006

We delivered the gifts to the adopted family. We extended the budget a little further yet from what I mentioned in the last post, a friend donated, and Gwen and Kent provided a gift certificate for food. In all we were able to provide gifts for mom and son, clothes for both, a crib, a stroller, a car seat, decorations, and food. I probably left something out.

We were done shopping and gave Craig's List a chance to find the last items. One of the items we still needed was a car seat. There was one for free, so we responded. We heard nothing for a day. Then as we were headed to bed the next night Dianne looked and there was a response saying that the seat would be on the front porch, but to call first to see if it was still there. We called, the man said that he had done a blanket response to the about 50 messages he got, and that he would turn on the porch light. Thus we knew we were the first to respond, but someone else could beat us to it. We jumped in the car and raced to get it. Craig's list is great!

Accepting a gift from strangers can be awkward. Cynthia was a graceful recipient. When I talked to the case worker later she said that she had been at the apartment that morning and Cynthia was thrilled. We did not get to meet the son.

Their apartment is on the third floor and there is no elevator, so Dianne and I carried the items up the flights. Cynthia said that even though they were on the top floor there was no view because of other buildings. The building did not look to be very old, but there was broken glass in the parking lot, and a general trashy feel.

Cynthia is a tall slender woman that would be quite striking when dressed. Her apartment was clean and decorated. Though I could tell no one in her apartment smoked the smell of smoke was everywhere. Looking at her and the inside of her apartment you would not be able to tell that she needed assistance. (I have no doubt that she did need it.)

We wished her a Merry Christmas, and she gave each of us a hug.

Dianne's birthday is tomorrow. Last Saturday Gwen and Kent took us to the Summit restaurant at the Broadmore in Colorado Springs. The food was and company were great. Tomorrow Dianne and I are going to the Bolder Dinner Theater.

This makes two pictureless posts. Christmas will probably be the next time I will post pictures, but who knows.


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