Thursday, December 21, 2006

I'm sure you've heard about our snow. It made BBC news.

I did not go to work today. Almost no one did. Around our house we have over 2 feet of snow. I spent much of today keeping our driveway and a neighbors's driveway clear. After the snows stopped I took a few pictures.

The house is ready for Christmas now. One news reporter said that next year people might not wish for a white Christmas.
The greyhounds had trouble with the snow. Gwen and Kent had planned on flying today, but the airport closed. They left Ash with us. To the far right is May. The black spot between May and Dianne is Abby and Ash.
Ash loves snow. Our dogs don't. This morning before the paths were made through the snow Ash would go out and our girls would follow in his path.

Our shed before we took some of the snow load off.
This is the park bench we have in our yard.


Blogger daria said...

OH, so THAT's what snow looks like!We were supposed to get 7" yesterday and got a mere dusting.
Waaah! :-(

12/27/06, 8:05 AM  

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