Tuesday, August 14, 2007

I have been working to get the garage project to the point that it is workable, looks good, and is not in the way of other projects. It is there.

When I started the project the Chrysler was to be parked in a canvas garage. For insurance reasons it was move into the main garage.

This is the workbench corner. Half of the work surface area is standard material, and half is granite. This allows me to solder on it. It is also easier to clean. There is a roll around work cart under the bench, and the roll around book case/stool is in parked against the wall. A compressor is in the corner with the hose on a reel. With everything parked like this the Chrysler can be brought in.

This is the work area with the roll around pulled out and the stool by the work bench. There are holes drilled into the roll around to hold various tools. The fan in the window is reversible.

In the corner are some display items. I have a small collection of old Coke and Pepsi boxes and a few old Coke bottles. The elephants were a birthday gift from Dianne.

My automotive tools are on the other side of the garage. The bins hold dog food and dog treats. I love having the paper towels and the blue automotive paper towel available in the garage.

I rebuilt the steps into the house from the garage. The risers are painted dark blue and the treads are painted bright white. Thus in dim light the steps will stand out.

Dianne's been busy in the gardens. The plants are maturing in our courtyard on the south side of the house. It is beautiful and several degrees cooler there than outside of the yard.

The vegetable garden is lush and productive.

Dianne's fish are active, and came to the surface when I walked by.

We took some pictures of our garden flowers in front of the Chrysler.

This was taken taken for the sake of a forum member who likes car "face" shots.


Blogger Granny Smith said...

I guess I left myy comment at least one post below this one where I intended it to be. Can you find it? Otto's waiting impatiently for me out in the car, so I have to run.

8/16/07, 1:29 PM  
Blogger Honey And Papa said...

I found it.

8/18/07, 9:39 AM  

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