Monday, September 17, 2007

Last posting I promised that the next post would have pictures of the family reunion, and it does, after pictures of Dianne's flowers.

Time Magazine said that the average elephant's eye is 8 feet off the ground. Well, Dianne's sunflowers topped that by a couple of feet.

Now, the reunion.

Dianne planned the decorations a long time before the reunion. This included getting the pictures and figuring out how to make the room festive while not violating Asilomar's restrictions.

The trip to the Monterey Aquarium was fun, but there was one more person going than seats in the cars. Now, I would never violate seat belts laws, but I can't help it if a stowaway managed to get in the car!
I will count on others to provide pictures of the Aquarium.

These are pictures for the bike ride that Josie, Charlie, Dianne and I took.

On the ride we stopped where a group of seals were sunning themselves.
For the time we were there this baby stayed outside the group.
These deer were in someone's yard.
Byron flying a kite, and me watching. He let my try. It's a lot harder than it looks.

While Byron was kite flying Jon was playing in the sand.
Dianne was playing also.
The three kids got to ring the lunch bell.

I love the "do not enter" in next to the group, but I haven't figured out what it signifies.

Katy (I think this is the spelling)
A couple of group shots.

Baxter got a violin lesson.

Royalty and subject.
I love this shot of both people.

Royal couple

Great grand parents and their great grand kids.


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Great pictures! I'd love to get copies, expecially those from the bike ride.


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