Monday, October 22, 2007

Here's a quick update on our weather. On Saturday we had a high of 80 degrees. These pictures are from Sunday. We got 4+ inches of snow. It then cleared up so the temperature dropped into the 20's over night. By midweek we should be back into the mid 70s.

Monday, October 08, 2007

Dianne and I got back from Phoenix and I returned to work on 10/1. On 10/5 I went in for hernia surgery. Yesterday was the first day I felt like doing anything.

As is often the case cars end up in my posts somewhere. We flew there a day early so that I could visit a couple of salvage yards. I'll start with three pictures Desert Valley Auto Parts.

This first picture reminds me of sentries on the path to a temple.

Two 1956 Desert Rose Chryslers. The wagon we had in the late 50's looked better.
On a weird footnote to the two Chryslers, the 1956 Chrysler Windsor wagon and the 1969 Mercedes Benz 300 SEL 6.3 had very similar production numbers. So, when new my parent's car in 1956 and the car they have today were about equally rare.

The reunion was at an Embassy Suites hotel. This was definitely a few steps above our usual hotel choice.

This is the sitting room.
At the back of the sitting room is a wet bar with refrigerator, microwave oven, and coffee maker. There was a small dining table.
This is the bedroom.
Barbara Lusk (the wife of one of Dianne's classmates), Dianne and I took a trip to the botanical gardens. This is a dry climate garden. The designers did a superb job of providing dappled shade regularly along the path.

The yellow in the tree behind Barbara and Dianne are flowers.
The little black dot on the right of the flower is a small ant.
I'm sure that there is wild life that is dangerous, but this isn't it.
Dianne coordinated her outfit with the trees. They were is constant communications deciding what color the bark would be that day. The green looked so much better of Dianne than the violet they wanted to be.
Dianne's class. The reunion was open to anyone that had attended the school regardless of graduation year. Picture taking took a long time as each year assembled for their picture.
We then danced until way past our bedtime. Dianne and I felt it the next day.