Tuesday, April 20, 2010

Except for a couple of pictures of me and the Blue Heron, we haven't posted anything since before Valentines Day. This posts covers our Valentine Day trip to Estes Park though our recent trip to Washington State.

I will start with a picture from our back yard.
One more Blue Heron picture.
On Valentines Day we had Brunch at the Other Side Cafe, where we enjoyed good food and music. We drove into Rocky Mountain Park as far as the road was open.

Jump forwards to the beginning of April when we went to Washington State. Most of the time we spent with Ian, Mandy, and Ainsley. We also drove up to Port Townsend.

Dianne loves being a grandmother.

What happens when grandmother chases granddaughter?

One day we went to a children's museum in Olympia.

Kids could change the water flow, and float objects down the flow path.

There was purple "sand" with toys to move it.
Ian built a sand box in the back yard. Though this day was clear, the sand was wet.
Back yard play

I love this one.
We went to the Tacoma zoo.

Dianne and I went up to Port Townsend on Thursday. Ian, Mandy, and Ainsley went up the next day.

Dianne and I took mother out for a walk down by the water. We are out on a boat pier.
How much does it cost to rent a dog in Port Townsend?