Tuesday, December 30, 2008

Catching Up

In this blog entry I am posting more pictures from Ian's visit, pictures from Dianne's birthday dinner, and some older pictures. There are a lot of pictures here.

Pictures from Ian's visit:

Dianne's Birthday Dinner:

We took my parents to Ristorante Tra Vigne in St. Helena.
The food was very good, and unique. For example Dianne got the wood oven fired pizza with chicken sausage, red onions, potatoes, arugala, and soft cooked organic egg. The complete brunch menu is here.
As I left the restaurant I saw the Napa Valley Wine Train.
Later we caught up with the train again.
Older pictures (much older):

In 1956 we picked up our new Chrysler Windsor Town & Country at the factory, and drove it home to Berkeley.

In Colorado we stopped at the Garden of the Gods. This is Balanced Rock.
We drove over Loveland Pass into Utah.

This is the Kennecutt copper mine in Ruth NV.
Sometime after we got home we went up to the Tilden Park Train.
When I posted these pictures on the Forward Look forum (1955 - 1961 Chrysler Corp cars) I had comments about the quality of the the pictures including guessing that they were Kodachrome, and about the professional level of the photographers.