Sunday, July 15, 2007

This blog entry is just a very short book recommendation.

I read Al Gore's "The Assault On Reason" I can not call it pleasure reading, nor will I call it a "must read". (In fact, when someone tells me something is a must read, I probably won't.) I will say the Al Gore has put a lot of thought into how this country ended up with the government now in office and what the risks are.

Though I highly recommend the book, I have criticism of it.

Many people find Al Gore arrogant. Though I appreciate his language skill, there are times when his word choices rubbed me the wrong way. I'm sure that those who do not appreciate the exactness of his language they will hate this book from the first page to the last.

The book spends 244 pages describing the problem, then one chapter on the solution and one conclusion. With all that he ends up optimistic. Though I agree with most of what he said, it made the book feel unbalanced to me.

One last piece of advice. Unless your spouse is also reading the book with you, shut up! I didn't.

Sunday, July 08, 2007

We are back from visiting Ian, Mandy, and Ainsley. We had a good time, helping out around the house, visiting, and meeting Ainsley.

Dianne wants to correct some misinformation she gave out. Ainsley's middle name is Elizabeth.

The first pictures are of Ainsley Elizabeth Frank.

Ian dressing Ainsley after a bath.
Dianne's a happy, proud grandmother.
Me holding Ainsley
Dianne is entertaining Ainsley while dinner is being BBQ'ed.
This quilt was made by Mandy's mom.
Read the shirt.
On the 3rd Dianne and I went to Leavenworth Washington for our Anniversary. On the way there we stopped to eat lunch beside the railroad tracks. This was our view.
Out our hotel window. I liked the pattern made by the roofs. Notice the second house over. There were at least two other roofs that didn't fit in the picture.
Leavenworth decided to be a Bavarian town to attract tourists after the railroad moved.
I'm listening to the story teller also.
On the 4th we drove down to Wenatchee and visited Ohme Gardens (pronounced oh-me). It is a nine acre site built by Mr. Ohme out of a rocky dry hilltop. It overlooks an industrial part of town and the river.
A piece of wood placed in the garden.
There are numerous lawns and flower gardens.
There are many small ponds as you wander down and back up the hill.
I didn't want you to think that I've changed too much, so here's my car picture. After we left Wenatchee we headed back to Ian and Mandy's. On the freeway I see the car with the hood up in this picture, and we turn around to see what it was. It's a '56 Dodge Custom Royal. Later I called the yard and it is being held for a person in Iraq. The town is George, Washington. On the 4th they have a celebration with live music, a few crafts, free pieces of the worlds largest cherry pie, and a small car show.