Wednesday, June 18, 2008

Dianne is going down to Houston to help out. She is leaving tomorrow morning and will be down there for 6 days.

Dianne and I have been very busy trying to finish up the remodel. This last weekend we painted the second bath and the hall; each twice. In the hall we grabbed two cans of paint that we had used on the walls down stairs. When we were almost done we noticed that one was flat, and one was semi gloss. We didn't have enough paint to finish.

In the second bath we painted the walls with what looked like a very light green on the paint chip. On the walls it looked GREEN. So, feeling green Dianne had to run and buy new paint for both rooms.

When we started our painting we taped off everything. After touching up where the tape did not stick I figured out that it is easier to paint corners without tape. In fact in many cases the best brush to use is a water color brush.

While painting with a water color brush around the top of the wall (first green color) Josie called. Jon heard me say I was over the tub, and thought that was funny.

Jon: Here I am over the tub while talking to you and your mom. I'm painting a big wall with a tiny paint brush.

More updates to come.