Sunday, August 28, 2011

On Friday we went to Ian, Mandy, and Ainsley's house, moving on to Port Townsend on Monday.

On Saturday we went to the park where they had a great play area.

We then walked over to a lake where Ainsley did a little fishing.

Where's Ainsley?

Sunday we went to the zoo. This is part of a spider web in a play area.

The good vet is listening to the heart of the stuffed iguana.

There's an aviary where you can feed the Buggies.

A little sugar to end the day.

On Monday we went to Port Townsend. You will notice that when others were taking pictures I wasn't. Therefore you will not find pictures of the big events.

Every morning after breakfast I took a walk around the docks. Not a masterpiece, but I loved the perspective of the dogs looking down at me.

On the last day Charlie and Jon came over to the hotel for a swim.

This is the same picture. Doing it I realized that converting a picture to black and white is not the same as composing a picture in black and white. But, in this case it helps disguise the harsh midday light.

We returned to Ian and Mandy's house. Ian and Ainsley took us blueberry picking. No blueberries, but a nice walk.

What are they looking at?

An artist at work!

Here's the sculpture in progress.

After a busy day we stopped for ice cream.