Sunday, November 30, 2008

This will be one of my misc. postings.

Ian, Mandy, and Ainsley came to visit for the week of Thanksgiving. I have very few pictures, and most of what I do have are on film and will by published later.

On Thanksgiving we went over to Gwen and Kent's house. I wanted pictures of Ainsley and the Blue Heron to post on the regional forum. I like the third one here enough it is now one of the pictures in my cube at work.

Kent's family were visiting from Texas. Left to right are Kent's step-mom Pam, sister Caitlin, and Dianne.
Kent's dad Irl holding Ellie.
On Friday night, after Ian, Mandy, and Ainsley had headed home it started to snow. The 9:00 news said, as we were having accumulating snow, that we could expect a dusting at most. So, this is what we woke to, and what I shoveled.
So, at 9:00 PM Saturday I listened to the news again. The worst was over, and today we would have scattered snow showers ending at noon. It snowed into the afternoon, and this is a picture taken at about 4:00 PM. We got at least twice as much today as yesterday.
No more pictures for now. Just a story.

Dianne and I went shopping yesterday afternoon. First we went to Linens & Things closing sale to see if they had any meat thermometers. They were sold out of them. But we got a new Espresso machine, a new Crock Pot, a table cloth, and some chocolate. We then went to Costco for gas, and went into the store to see if they had a doll that would work for a present. No doll. We left with things that are cheaper there; pears, papaya, milk, etc. I told Dianne that if we saved any more money we would be broke!

Monday, November 24, 2008

I have reached a milestone in the remodel. The interior part is done. The last items were small.

When we bought the house there were three hat racks in the closet. They worked fine until you put something on them. They had one screw, and would turn over if things were not balanced. Clearly by the design they had originally had some type of bracket. So, I made my own brackets.

Also we bought a coat rack (at the back) and I doubled the number of pegs to hang things.

That was it. We are done with the interior. Here are some pictures of the master suite.

Tuesday, November 04, 2008

Sunrise taken from the front of the house.
We've had a mild fall, though cooler weather is arriving today.
We invited the owners of a classic car salvage yard to stay with us for a night. They are coming this Thursday. In preparation I proceeded to ruin the pre-hung doors on the master bedroom, and on the second bathroom. I had to order new doors which I got completed this last weekend. I like the grain on this door.